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Reagent Peptone

Reagent Peptone

G/X-168 reagent peptone is produced according to the specification and standards recommended by Chinese microbe institute and culture medium group of biol goods special committee. The product is made from many kinds of animal tissue into light yellow powder of pellet through digested by pancreatin and it is easily dissolved in water. The product contains the great amino acid and other growthhormone required for growing bacterium. The product is widely used for culturing bacteria, being a good product for culturing microbe.
Form: light yellow powder or grain ,easily dissolved in water
Chemical Index: The product is made from many kinds of collagen into mul-peptide、 double-peptide.and aminophenol compound. It has protein's general character.
Company Standard:Q/XHS-168

Physical and Chemical Index of Product:

        1.Color:yellow or light yellow brown powder and pellet
        2.Total N≥15%
        4.Ash content≤5%
        5.Total P≤0.3%
        8.Transparency:Fully transparent in 2% water solution
        9.PH Value:5-7

Bacteriology Index:

        1.Sulphur hydrogen reaction: qualified
        2.Indigo basic matter reaction: qualified
        3.Fermentable sugar reaction: qualified
        4.No sugar reaction: qualified

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