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Industrial Peptone

Industrial Peptone

The industrial peptone is a traditional product in our company, which is made by means of the advanced equipment and perfect technology and is the basic matter for culturing bacterium in antibiotic medicine production.
Form: light yellow powder or grain ,easily dissolved in water
Chemical Index: The product is made from many kinds of collagen into mul-peptide、double-peptide、and aminophenol compound. It has protein's general character.
Company Standard:Q/XHS-168

Physical and Chemical Index of Product:

        1.Color:light yellow brown powder
        2.Total N≥14.5%
        3.Water: ≤7%
        4.Ash content: ≤5%
        5.Total P: ≤0.2%
        6.Chlorides: ≤5%
        7.PH value: 5.0-7.0

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